Beauty Glows from The Inside Out

Pretty In Pink understands the importance of build self-esteem and confidence in girls. Our mission is to educate, promote, and inspire young girls about healthy habits thru education, character building and fun to promote self-esteem & confidence.

Pretty Is

Pretty is smart and determined 

Pretty is being unique & special in my own individual way 

Pretty is brave enough to follow my dreams and resilient enough to never give up  

Pretty is striving for perfection but humble enough to know I’m not perfect  

Pretty is speaking love, life and positivity to myself, dreams and goals even when the going gets tough  

Pretty is understanding my self-worth and never compromising my dignity  

Pretty is being a leader and controlling my own destiny, even if the crowd goes the other way  

Pretty is always treating myself and others with respect  

Pretty is not just my physical beauty, but what’s on the inside that counts  

Pretty is ME, being the ME I’m happy with every day I get a chance to see  

Pretty is….All OF ME!!!